Import orders (via CSV)

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Order Import

    You can upload your orders in batches by uploading a CSV archive in our system. Below, you'll find a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it.


1. Click on 'Orders' and then click on 'Import'.

2. Upload your orders.

    Click on 'Upload' to load the spreadsheet with your orders. 

To upload an order , files must be in CSV!

3. Download the instructions to fill the XLS file

    Download the instructions XLS file by clicking the link highlighted in the following image. The file contains a model with instructions on how to fill in the spreadsheet for import.

    The image below displays instructions on how to fill the CSV file containing your orders. This file will be read by the computer, so for your orders to be processed correctly, it's essential that the fields match the structure shown in the example.

  • Green: An example of the fields you need to fill and upload to our system.
  • Blue: Explanations on how to complete each piece of information.
  • Yellow: Rules that must be followed when filling out the fields. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in the order not being read correctly.

4. Download the empty CSV sheet

    Download the empty CSV template file for filling in. It must be filled in accordance with the instructions displayed on the instruction files tab of the CSV mentioned in the item above.

  • In the spreadsheet, you can add lines and inform more than one item. 
  • We enphasize if the order has more than one item (multi item order), it is necessary to inform each item in an separate line, one for each item. The spreadsheet must be filled in item per item 

    When opening a CSV file, it may not appear in a familiar format, making it potentially challenging to understand how to populate the file. To improve visualization and make the file resemble a typical spreadsheet, the following video demonstrates the process.

* Attention: The Support Center articles features Nobordist legacy layout and may not reflect our current layout experience

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