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    You can create products in your app that are frequently ordered to streamline the process of generating new orders. This can be done individually, manually, or in batches using CSV files. This article covers both methods of product creation. 

1. Click on 'Settings' and then, on 'Products'.

2. Adding a new product.

To add a new product, click in the button 'Add Product' highlited in red. 


To Add a new product click on "Add Product"

3. Select how to imput the product.

The creation of orders can be done individually, manually, or in batches using CSV files.

4. Manual import

    After selecting manual import, this screen will appear. Fill in all the fields with the information of your product. Note that the HS Code will be automatically populated after inserting the SKU of the product.

    Filling in these fields incorrectly may lead to rejection or fines when the product enters Brazil. Therefore, it is crucial to provide accurate information.

    After filling in all the fields, click on 'Create' to save and create the product.

5. Import from file

    After selecting 'Import from file,' this screen will appear. Below the 'Upload' button, you'll find a link to download a template with an example of how to correctly fill the file. Please be aware that our system can only read files with a specific format, so it's essential to ensure accurate data entry and save the file in CSV format.

    A CSV file consists of lines separated by commas. To enhance its visualization, you can modify the viewing format. The following video demonstrates how to achieve this.

    When uploading the product file, please remove the green and blue lines and replace them with your product's information following the same format as the example fields. Here are some common mistakes that occur when filling in these fields:

  • Ensure that the numbers are entered as text, not as formulas.
  • The HS Code should consist of exactly 6 numbers with no spaces or periods between them.
  • The country field should be filled with its corresponding code.

    Both the dimensions of the box and the weight will be uploaded in your default measurement system. To learn how to change it, click here.

6. Actions

    Just like on the other pages, there are actions available on this page. Each highlighted box corresponds to a specific action:

  • Blue: Here, you can manually edit your products.
  • Green: This option allows you to delete your products.
  • Yellow: You can select individual orders or all of them by clicking 'Select All' in the top row.
  • Red: This is where you can download the selected orders.

    Additionally, in the upper right corner, you'll find blue buttons labeled 'Table Columns' and 'Rows 20.' These buttons allow you to customize the information displayed on your screen and adjust the number of lines per page.

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