How to create a manual order?

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Order Create

    Orders can also be created manually, one-by-one. The process requires receiver, shipment, and courier information. You can also save the receiver's contacts when creating a manual order, making it easier for future orders with the same customer. This process is recommended for recurring clients or in case an order encounters any issues.

1. Click on 'Orders' and then in 'Create'.

2. Fill all the fields with the receiver data.

    In this page, you will enter reciever's information and will be able to save the contact.

  • Phone: Click on the flag icon to select the country's telephone code; it will be automatically filled according to the selected country.

  • Postal Code: Enter numbers only. Once filled in, the fields for City, State, and Address will be automatically populated, so you don't need to enter them separately.

  • Complement and Address Reference: These fields are optional but highly recommended to assist in delivery, ensuring the order reaches the correct location.

  • CPF/CNPJ: When filled in, the system will automatically identify the type of document, whether it's a CPF (individual taxpayer registration) or CNPJ (company registration).

    After filling all boxes, you can save the contact by clicking the button in the bottom right corner. If this is a recurring customer, saving the contact will facilitate the creation of new manual orders.

To procced, click on 'Shipment' in the top right oorner.

3. Fill in all the fields with shipment information.

   Make sure to select the correct currency for the shipment and check the measurement system (metric or imperial system). Both of these pieces of information can be changed by clicking on the highlighted fields in the following image. In the taxes field, you'll select who is paying for the tax, whether it is the sender (DDP) or the receiver (DDU). Finally, you will fill in all the box information (length, height, width, and empty weight), and the total weight field will be filled automatically.

    In case you want to add more than one box to the same quotation, add a new box by clicking the button next to the 'Edit Metric Settings' button.

    Now, add the products that are going to be sent in the box you just set. The same currency and measurement system     selected previously will be applied here. To add a new product to the box, click on the '+' button below the product fields. After filling out the product fields, the total weight in the box section and the total value in the currency section will be updated.

In the right corner of each product, there are two icons:

This icon allows you to duplicate the product.

This icon enables you to remove the product.

Proceed by clicking on the 'Courier' button in the top right corner.

Notice that all the darker boxes are filled automatically.

4. Select a courier.

    The couriers available to you depend on your contracts. Each courier has a specific price and a weight range that it can accept. For example, if your Prime contract allows shipments up to 2kg, orders exceeding this weight limit will not be eligible for this courier, and the option will not be available for selection.

    You can see the freight cost, duties tax, sales tax, the total cost, and the estimated delivery time.

    Click on 'Overview' in the top right corner to proceed.

5. Review 

    A general overview of your order will be displayed with the information you've filled out. If there is any missing or incorrectly filled information, it will be highlighted in red.

  • Information in red: By clicking on the pencil icon, you will be redirected to the page for reviewing, editing, and correcting the information.

  • The problematic field will be highlighted in red, along with a description guiding you on how to resolve the issue

6. Box(es)  an courier information

    Clicking on the pencil icon next to 'Boxes' will open an overview of the box(es) you are sending. The same applies to the courier. 

11. Finishing the order.

    Whenever you click on finish button and some necessary information is missing, it will be displayed marked in red.

For certain freight contracts, it is mandatory to include a document known as MSDS. If the product falls under the health and beauty category, clicking on 'Finish' will open a field requesting its attachment. You can include the document in that field or on the 'Documents' page in Settings.

If a document is already linked to this page for the specific HS Code of the product, this field will not appear, as a document is already registered.

When finished you will be redirected to the page with all orders.

* Attention: The Support Center articles features Nobordist legacy layout and may not reflect our current layout experience

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