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    You are able to add, edit and delete costumers. This actions can be made one by one or in batches. Just like the creation of orders, the uploads of the customers are made via CSV files. Here is how to perform this actions.

1. Click on 'Settings' and then on 'Customers'.

2. Actions

    The initial page offers several actions:

  • Yellow: Change the number of columns displayed on your screen.
  • Blue: Change the number of rows displayed on your screen.
  • Green: Download a single customer by selecting them in the box under the 'Select All' column or download all customers by marking the 'Select All' box.
  • Red: Add a new customer profile manually or in batches via CSV file.

    Scrolling sideways will also reveal two other actions:

: This button allows you to edit the customer profile.

: This button allows you to delete the customer profile.

3. Adding customers

    When you click to add a profile, the screen in the next image appears, and you need to select how to create the profile(s):

3.1 Manual import

    The manual importation works just like other manual inputs on our platform. Information needs to be typed manually. Every field that contains an asterisk (*) is necessary to be filled in order to complete the creation.

    After creating a customer, their profile can be edited.

    Click on 'Create' to save the information you just entered.

3.2 Import from file

    When this option is selected, the next screen appears. You can upload a file in CSV format following our template.

    CSV is a file type that the software reads, and for this step to work, the file must be filled out correctly. Below the 'Upload' button, there is a link to download the template on how to fill out the fields.

    You can also download the template by clicking here.

    A CSV file consists of lines separated by commas. To enhance its visualization, you can modify the viewing format. The following video demonstrates how to achieve this.

    Here is the template file, edited to make it easier for you to understand. You can save it as is, as long as the file remains in CSV format.

  • Yellow: This column must be retained when uploading your CSV file. The software relies on its information to determine the meaning of each field and correctly populate our system to register your customers.

  • Green and blue: These rows are examples of the correct format for filling in the file. Please note that if not filled out correctly, our system will generate an error message and indicate which fields are incorrect.

    Common errors include:

  • Document Type: CPF or CNPJ with spaces between the letters.
  • Document Number: Spaces, periods, commas, or other symbols between numbers, and incorrect numbers of digits.
  • Country: Using the full name of the country instead of its code.
  • General Errors: Using numbers as formulas instead of text and including any commas.

    We recommend following the template carefully to avoid errors during the import process.

*Attention: The Support Center articles features Nobordist legacy layout and may not reflect our current layout experience

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