How to dispatch an order?

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How to dispatch an order

    You have the option to dispatch orders individually or in batches, and this entire operation takes place on the 'Management' page. These initial steps are also applicable to other actions available in the dropdown menu.

    Dispatching is a crucial step in our platform as it triggers Nobordist's tracking system, enabling us to track the order and dispatch it with the chosen carrier. To ensure proper tracking and proceed with an order, dispatching is necessary, not just uploading it into our system.

1. After creating an order, go to the menu, click on 'Orders' and then 'Management'.

2. Dispatching

    The process for dispatching one or more orders is the same. The only difference is the number of orders you select to dispatch.  You can select a single order by clicking the square icon in the left corner of each order or choose them all by clicking 'Select All'.

    After selecting the order(s), click the 'Action' button in the top right corner, and then choose 'Dispatch Order(s)'.

    You will be redirected to the next page. To complete the process, click on 'Dispatch'.

* Attention: The Support Center articles features Nobordist legacy layout and may not reflect our current layout experience

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