Quickstart Account Setup

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Welcome to the quick start account setup! 

There are a few essential actions you need to take regarding setting your account before you create orders, print labels and dispatch in Nobordist.


Account Setup Demo Video

This video demonstrates how to set up your Nobordist account from the first time you login, and guides you through creating the of label that fits to your operation.


So if you’re new to Nobordist, here is the step by step:

  1. Go to Settings, at the leftsife menu bar and start from Quick Start. 
  2. At Quick Star section you can complete your initial setup, defining related settings to prefill automatically every related field in the pages Quotes, Order Creation, Order Import, Produtc.


In advanced settings, it is possible to set which metric system you prefer to use, imperial or metric system, and enable to dispatch automatically an order whenever it’s created.

To allow validation of the customer's CPF during the Order Creation process, which is an important action to take considering a last conference and cross checking process before dispatching the orders.


In the Boxes section it’s possible to set the one package or a group of packages dimensions and weights.


In the Printing Configurations section, it’s possible to define standard configurations to printing options of the documentation like labels, Commercial Invoice, Dangerous Good, and Material Safety. 

Data Sheets known as MSDS which lists the hazardous ingredients of a product, its physical and chemical properties.


In the Sales Channels section, it’s possible to add a sales channel you already work with by adding a sales channel with its name, email and webhook.



In the Users page, it’s possible to delete or block an existing user or to add a new user. You need his name, phone, whatsapp. You can also select if it’s a seller administrator user, a operations user or just a viewer user.


In the Customers page, it’s possible to add a new customer manually or via imported CSV file. If you have any doubt, it’s provided a template of the CSV file to download.


In the Documents page, it’s possible to add all HS Code you and your sellers intend to work through Nobordist Plataform.

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