Notifications - Rules Configuration

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Rules Configuration

    You can configure notifications for individual orders or a group of orders. You have the flexibility to create contact groups for notification and specify who receives updates about the orders and through which communication channels. Below, you'll find a tutorial on how to create notification groups and configure updates reports.

1. Click on 'Notifications' and then on 'Rules Configuration'.

2. Adding groups 

    Creating groups simplifies the process of determining who receives information, specifying when notifications are triggered, and choosing the communication channels for notifications.

    On the first page, you will find your active configurations in the first section and your groups in the second section.

  • To create a new group, click on 'Add group,' as highlighted in the image below.

  • The first step is to provide a name for your group and, if applicable, select a sales channel by clicking on the blue boxes below the name field; they will move to the 'Chosen sales channels' area. After completing these steps, simply click 'Save' to proceed.

2. Creating configurations

    This is how you set what updates the group you just created will recieve and when the notification will happen. To start, click on 'Create configuration'.

    You will be redirected to the page shown in the image below. Each of the colored boxes highlights an action needed to configure a notification rule.

  • Green: Choose which group you are setting this rule for.
  • Blue: Select between "Active" or "Inactive" to determine whether the rule should be active or suspended.
  • Yellow: Select the country on the left side and then click the arrows to move it to the right side.
  • Red: Indicate whether the rules will apply to the sellers and sales channels.

    Finally, to select at which checkpoints the notification will occur and through which means, simply click on 'Yes' or 'No' to change the current status.

    To finish and save, click on 'Add configuration' in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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