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    In the Quote section, you will receive a quotation for one or more boxes you are sending. Fill in all the information to receive quotations based on your available contracts, and then select the contract that fits what you are looking for.

    The information boxes may contain terms that are largely used in our platform. If you are not familiar with any of those terms, check our glossary.


1. Click on 'Quotes' and then, on 'New'.

1.1. Fill in reciever and shipment information.


Receiver Information: Begin by entering the receiver's details. When you input the postal code, the city, and state fields will auto-populate. Once this step is complete, proceed to the shipment information to finalize your quotation.

  • Ensure you select the correct currency for the shipment and verify the measurement system (metric or imperial). Both of these details can be adjusted by clicking on the highlighted fields in the image.
  • In the taxes field, indicate whether the sender (DDP) or the receiver (DDU) will cover the tax.
  • Next, provide details about the box, including length, height, width, and empty weight. The total weight field will update automatically.
  • If you need to include multiple boxes in the same quotation, simply click the button adjacent to the 'Edit Metric Settings' button.

Please note that darker boxes are auto-filled.


Adding Products: Now, proceed to add the products that will be included in the box you've just configured. The same currency and measurement system selected previously will be applied here.

  • To add a new product to the box, click the '+' button below the product fields.
  • After completing the product details, the total weight in the box section and the total value in the currency section will be updated.

In the upper right corner of each product, you will find two icons:

This icon allows you to duplicate the product. 

This icon enables you to remove the product. 

    To finish a quotation, click on 'Get a quote'.


2. Create Order

    After finishing your quote, you can select the one you prefer. You will receive different quotes based on the pricing of the available contracts allowed by your plan. Each contract has its own ID, and you need to choose the best option.

    If you want to proceed with the quote, click on 'Create Order'.

*Attention: The Support Center articles features Nobordist legacy layout and may not reflect our current layout experience

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