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    In this page, you have a general overview of your orders and volumes presented graphically, a view of your sales trend, and customer insights. There's also information about your freight, rejections, volumes, and customers by region.

    The graphics can be displayed in different types of views, allowing you to use this information in the way that suits you best. This article demonstrates the screens and how to navigate through them.


1. Click on "Home".

2. Overview

2.1. Overview page screen


    In the center of the page, there are two graphics. The one on the left displays order information, and the other displays volume information. Both graphics have three different viewing options that can be selected just above them (highlighted in red).

    On the right side of the page, you can find the total number of rejected orders, the freight value, and the freight cost (highlighted in blue).

    All of the information can be filtered by date to provide a general overview or for a specific time period.

    By scrolling down, you'll find a map in the center displaying each state of Brazil along with the number of volumes sent by state, as well as your average order cost.

3. Sales Trend 

    In the Sales Trend section, you'll find a more detailed view of your orders. You'll be able to see the total number of orders and total sales. The first two pieces of information will be displayed in the center of the page, followed by bar graphics that will complement the data by dividing the numbers into time periods. The total period can be set using the date filter at the top, but the distribution in the graphic is automatic.

    Scrolling down will show two graphics, one for sales by category and one for sales by sales channel. Both of them can be displayed with selectable viewing options above the graphics.

4. Custumer overview

   On this page, customer information is displayed through a graphical representation, highlighting your top five clients. Additionally, there is a map similar to the one in the Overview section, but it provides information about orders by the buyer's state.

5. Downloading maps

    All maps can be downloaded by clicking on the bars in the top right corner of each map. Clicking on the bars will display the format options, and after selecting the one you prefer, the download begins.

To download any of the graphs, click on the bars in the corner of the graph and select your option. The download will be available at the section Downloads in the nav menu.

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